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Quinkan Rock Art Galleries Motion

1.   The Senate notes that:

a)      Cape York’s Quinkan region is home to rock art galleries and cultural sites of great cultural significance, with some sites dated to 30,000 years old;

b)      Much of this art and cultural heritage is not adequately protected and is open to mining exploration activities; and

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National Parks Motion

That the Senate calls on the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (Mr Burke) to act on his promise of August 2011 to protect national parks under federal environment laws by listing them as matters of national environmental significance to protect them from the threats of logging, grazing, mining or large scale land clearing.

The motion was agreed to by the Senate.

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Senator Waters: Coal Seam Gas motion (28 February 2013)

1. The Senate notes that:

a) Coal seam gas is a high risk industry that poses unacceptable risks to our rivers and groundwater, agricultural lands and natural environment, and our communities; and

b) Since becoming Australia's environment minister, Minister Burke has not rejected a single coal seam gas project, rather multiple enormous coal seam gas field developments across Queensland, and most recently in Gloucester in New South Wales despite significant community concerns about the health and environmental impacts of this new industry.

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