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Letting Our Wild Rivers Run Free

Our free-flowing wild rivers are under pressure like never before.

The Queensland government is winding back protection for these precious places, even in the face of threats like bauxite mining, major irrigation projects and unconventional gas projects across Queensland.

Our wild rivers are national treasures and deserve protection under our national law.

The Australian Greens want to give all Australian wild rivers protection under national environmental law, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999).

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Government should move now to protect Wild Rivers from Campbell Newman

Under questioning from the Greens today, Australian Government has acknowledged it has the power to use the national environment laws to protect Wild Rivers from Campbell Newman and a future LNP Queensland Government, which has pledged to roll back the laws against the wishes of many Aboriginal communities.

“Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman are trying to wind back these laws which protect our most pristine and valuable river systems from the ravages of big mining,” Australian Greens environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said.

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Australian Government afraid to act on CSG

The old parties have again refused to take action on coal seam gas, as a Senate Inquiry report was tabled today recommending against the adoption of the Greens' bill to give the Federal Government the power to protect water resources from mining activities.

The bill, proposed by the Australian Greens mining spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters, would recognise water resources that may be impacted by major mining and coal seam gas development as a 'matter of national environmental significance'.

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