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Newman went against Qld Treasury by trying to prop up Adani

The Abbott Government must rule out propping up Galilee Basin coal mines with the $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility, following revelations Queensland Treasury warned Adani's project was unviable before Campbell Newman announced public funding.  

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Qld Senator Larissa Waters, said:

"Right to information documents show Treasury warned Adani's Galilee Basin project was "unlikely to stack up" financially and that Adani was "susceptible to cost shocks" and "not particularly transparent".

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Treasury officials admit mining jobs claims are a furphy

Senior Treasury officials in Senate estimates this morning have exposed as myth the claims about the overwhelming benefits of the mining boom.

“With welcome frankness, Treasury officials have said they are ‘suspicious’ about the standard industry multiplier claim that one job in mining creates three flow-on jobs in other industries,” Australian Greens mining spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said.

Dr David Gruen, Executive Director of the Macro Economic Group, stated;

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