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Qld should stop propping up coal and invest in communities: Greens

Greens Co-Deputy Leader Larissa Waters and Queensland Greens Member for Maiwar Michael Berkman have called on the Queensland Government to rule out a delayed royalty plan for Adani after the deadline for an agreement passed.

Greens Member for Maiwar Michael Berkman said: 
“This special deal for a coal billionaire is an immoral and stupid distraction. 

“Every day that Labor aren’t working on a detailed, well-funded transition plan for coal workers and coal towns is a day wasted. 

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Senator Waters on Treasurer Hockey’s comments on Brisbane radio today that the government is “working on” making Adani’s rail line to Abbot Point commercially viable:

"The Abbott Government has failed to rule out pouring taxpayer money into Adani’s unviable project, which no bank will touch, through the $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility.

“In their Budget papers, the Palaszczuk Government has flagged that they are considering seeking federal funding for the Galilee rail line on behalf of big coal barons.

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