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Playing numbers with the environment

Allowing big miners to destroy invaluable seagrass beds in return for investing in the protection of others is a sure-fire way to guarantee Australia’s continuing decline in marine environments and wildlife, the Australian Greens said today.

“Protecting economically worthless seagrass beds is very nice, but shouldn’t be confused with actual environmental protection,” Australian Greens environment spokesperson, Senator Larissa Waters, said.

“These offsets are like being allowed to trash the Eiffel Tower because you’ve donated to the upkeep of the Taj Mahal.

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Campbell Newman’s war on Queensland families and services

In the wake of ten thousand Queenslanders marching in Brisbane to express their anger over the Premier’s horror Budget, the Greens today warned that the impact on families, communities and the environment could be severe.

“While 14,000 Queensland families are about to be delivered a massive blow, Campbell Newman is playing blame games with the previous Government over his callous and unjustifiable public service cuts,” Australian Greens Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters, said.

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Environment Laws Motion - WA

Notice of Motion

11 September 2012

I give notice that on the next day of sitting I shall move that -

1.    The Senate notes:
a)    The Environment Minister Tony Burke’s intention to transfer responsibility for protecting our nationally threatened species and wilderness places to state governments by March 2013.
b)    That Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett is ready to sacrifice James Price Point for a gas hub.

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Government to wash their hands of Great Barrier Reef

The same day that the federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke, acted to boost environment laws to give himself the power to stop the supertrawler, the ALP Government and the Coalition also voted to continue their plan to give away responsibility to protect Australian icons like the Great Barrier Reef.

Under planned reforms to the national environment laws, most of the federal Environment Minister’s powers to protect the environment will be given to the states, many of which have a track record of environmental devastation.

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National Threatened Species Day

The Australian Greens are calling for the federal government to keep responsibility for the protection of Australian wildlife in danger of extinction, on National Threatened Species Day today.

The Australian Labor Government, with the support of the Coalition, is planning to weaken the national environment laws by handing over their powers over threatened species to the state governments.

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