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Greens bill to make environment sell-off unlawful

The Australian Greens would stop the Australian Government from palming off their environmental protection powers to the states, in a new bill announced today.

It comes as Sir David Attenborough, Drs Paul and Anne Erlich and Dr Bob Brown join 29 other globally-recognised naturalists in urging the Prime Minister not to abandon Australia’s environmental protection to the pro-mining states.

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Grazing in NSW Parks the next move from ‘environmental vandals’

Environment Minister Tony Burke must now reverse his plan to hand over federal environmental powers to state governments in light of the NSW Government’s intention to allow destructive grazing in National Parks, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, Senator Larissa Waters, said today.

“Julia Gillard got it right thirteen years ago when she recognised some states as having a track record of ‘environmental vandalism’, and this latest announcement shows that the states cannot be trusted to protect our environment,” Senator Waters said.

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Standards window-dressing for environmental destruction

The standards for environmental approvals released by the ALP Government today will do nothing to prevent the state and territory governments from destroying the environment and endangered species for mining profits, the Australian Greens said.

“Far from lifting up the states, it's smashing down environmental protection,” Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, said.

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