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Westpac’s Adani decision puts Palaszczuk and Turnbull on notice on $1 billion handout

The Australian Greens congratulated the #StopAdani movement and welcomed Westpac’s refusal to help Adani wreck our climate and kill the Great Barrier Reef with their deadly mega-coal mine.

“All the four big banks have now ruled out or walked away from helping Adani spew out 4.7 billion tonnes of dangerous climate pollution,” said deputy leader of the Australian Greens and Queensland Senator Larissa Waters.

“But Queensland Labor and Malcolm Turnbull are still backing Adani and want to hand over $1 billion of public funds.

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Senate inquiry to investigate mining giants who don’t clean up their own mess

The Senate yesterday supported a Greens motion to establish an inquiry into mining and resources rehabilitation to crack down on multinational mining companies dodging their obligations to rehabilitate mines and create jobs as the mining boom ends.

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert and spokesperson on mining said:

“Australians are at risk of being ripped off by multinational mining companies taking their astronomical profits and refusing to clean up their own mess when mines close.

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Greens applaud win against fracking giant Santos and warn against fracking spree

Greens applaud win against fracking giant Santos and warn against fracking spree

The Australian Greens applaud the work of community group Western Downs Alliance in stopping Santos dumping coal seam gas wastewater in Surat Basin rivers and streams and have warned against the federal and state government’s plan to expand fracking.

“Western Downs Alliance took on the Goliath of Santos and the Australian Government, and won,” said Australian Greens Deputy Leader and spokesperson for mining and resources Larissa Waters.

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Greens proud of legal fight against Adani mega-coal mine

“We are disappointed with this decision but are proud of the tenacious legal fight to oppose this mega-coal mine.

“When governments fail to enforce or comply with their own laws, it falls to community groups to hold them to account.

“Public enforcement of laws is a crucial tenet of our democracy.

“Across the country, Australians care deeply about our reefs, forests, rivers and native wildlife and they should be able to have their say on developments threatening to destroy these parts of our national identity.

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Greens push to take fracking ban national

The test is on for the Nationals and the Labor party with the Senate today debating the Australian Greens’ bill to ban fracking and give landholders the right to say no to coal and unconventional gas to protect farmland, water and the climate.

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and resources spokesperson said:

“For the past five years I have had legislation to give voice to farmers and regional Australians who want their land, lifestyle, water and the climate protected from the ravages of unconventional gas.

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Greens give Ministerial Standards some teeth

The Senate today supported an Australian Greens motion to force the government to disclose currently secret meetings between former ministers and current ministers or senior officials which may breach the Statement of Ministerial Standards.

Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Resources spokesperson, Queensland Senator Larissa Waters said:

“It’s time to put a stop to the influence of big polluters running rampant in our politics.

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Slam shut the revolving door between politics and big polluters

The Australian Greens say former Minister Ian Macfarlane's proposal to make environment groups stick to “digging up lantana” shows the danger of the cosy relationship between the mining sector and ex-politicians and the need for binding rules about former politicians working for industries they used to regulate.

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader, and spokesperson on the environment said the former Abbott Government Resources minister continues to promote big mining and ignore the concerns of communities.

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State Government’s underground coal gasification ban a is favour to CSG industry

The Australians Greens says the Queensland State Labor government’s push to ban underground coal gasification is yet another favour to the CSG industry.

“The underground coal gasification (UCG) industry has allegedly exposed workers to carcinogenic gasses and contaminated soil and bore water, said Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and resources spokesperson.

“These revelations first came to light under the last Labor government who failed to take decisive action to protect the health and environment of Queenslanders and ban UCG.

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Labor buckle to Adani and betray Queenslanders

The Australian Greens are outraged that the Queensland Labor Government has caved in to Adani by weakening new groundwater laws so Adani won’t have to apply for a water license.

“Queensland Labor were elected to ‘save the Reef’ but instead they’ve caved in to big coal creating loopholes to put Adani’s Reef-destroying mega-mine on the fast track,” said Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters.

“With this decision the Queensland government is condemning the Reef to worse bleaching and jeopardising the 70,000 jobs it provides.

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