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Healthier climate means healthier people: Lancet

The Australian Greens have welcomed a report in The Lancet medical journal, which highlights the huge opportunity to improve public health through action on global warming.

"Cutting pollution won't just maintain the status quo - it will make our entire population more healthy, which means more productive and more prosperous," said Greens Leader Dr Richard Di Natale.

"People get overwhelmed by the climate change doomsday scenarios, but we need pay more attention to all the ways we can make life better if we do cut pollution.

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Senate Inquiry recommends protection for Queenslanders from coal dust

Larissa Waters 16 Aug 2013

A Greens-initiated Senate Inquiry into the health impacts of air quality has today made important recommendations for Queenslanders affected by coal dust.

“Queenslanders living in Gladstone and near Mackay are at risk of breathing in coal dust from nearby coal stockpiles at the ports and, with coal trains passing through Brisbane uncovered, so are residents in southern Brisbane,” Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters said.

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Greens GP Senate candidate announces Medicare funding plan in Queensland

Larissa Waters 14 Aug 2013

The Australian Greens today committed to injecting hundreds of millions of dollars in extra funding to Medicare nationally, which would help Queenslanders to meet out-of-pocket healthcare costs, at the clinic of Greens Senate candidate and Brisbane GP, Dr Sandra Bayley.

Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters said: “The Greens are going to the election with a commitment to inject an extra $664 million into Medicare nationally over the next three years, making it cheaper for Queenslanders to go to the doctor.

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