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Queensland Government Budget fails the trust of Queenslanders

Larissa Waters 11 Sep 2012

The Queensland Budget handed down today confirms that Campbell Newman’s Government is determined to make ungrounded financial decisions that will cost people’s jobs and destroy the environment, Australian Greens Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters, said today.

“If Queensland becomes a state where basic services – such as health care, quality education and emergency services – aren’t on offer because the public service has been slashed, it won’t make any difference to people’s lives if the Budget is in surplus or not,” Senator Waters said.

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About Larissa Waters

Larissa Waters 1 Jul 2011

Queensland's first Greens Senator, Larissa Waters is passionate about protecting our environment and caring for communities.

Before her election Larissa was an environmental lawyer working in the community sector for eight years advising people how to use the law to protect Queensland's environment.

The limits of the law's ability to help these people compelled Larissa to run for Parliament, where she works to strengthen the environment's legal protection.

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