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Queenslanders reject One Nation’s tired old politics of fear and division

Larissa Waters 10 Nov 2016

The Australian Greens say Pauline Hanson and One Nation offer us nothing but the tired old politics of fear and racial division.

Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Queensland Senator Larissa Waters said the majority of Queenslanders rejects Senator Hanson's utterly racist and hateful views.

“Emboldened by events in America Senator Hanson’s fanciful thought-bubble that Queensland could be led by a Premier from One Nation show that it is she that is out of touch with large sections of the population, said Senator Waters

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Greens stand with Oakey on Department of Defence contamination class action

Larissa Waters 10 Nov 2016

The Australian Greens stand with the residents of Oakey as they move towards a class action against the Department of Defence over contamination from a nearby base.  

Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Queensland Senator Larissa Waters said

“The Department of Defence have failed time and time again to sufficiently address community anxiety about chemicals used at the base that have leached into soil and groundwater.

“This debacle at Oakey is all-too reminiscent of the ravages of invasive coal and gas mining on the Darling Downs and across Queensland.

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Greens celebrate record local Council results

Larissa Waters 4 Apr 2016

With the results of Queensland local council elections being declared, Senator Waters congratulated Queensland Greens members, volunteers and supporters on their exceptional results, including achieving Queensland’s first Greens Councillor, Jonathan Sri.

Qld Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader, said:

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Greens pay tribute to Felicity Wishart

Larissa Waters 21 Jul 2015

Australian Greens Acting Leader Senator Larissa Waters expressed the Greens’ deep sympathies to the family of Felicity Wishart who passed away on Sunday night, and paid tribute to her legacy as one of Australia’s leading conservationists.

“Our planet has lost a great champion and we mourn for her,” said Senator Waters.

“Felicity Wishart was a leading light in the conservation movement. She was part of every key environmental reform in Queensland in the past 15 years, as coordinator of the Queensland Conservation Council in the 2000s.

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Abbott Government’s budget fails to provide a positive vision for Queensland

Larissa Waters 13 May 2015

The Abbott Government's budget is visionless and won't build a more caring society for Queensland or protect our state's environment and climate.

"Although there are some positive childcare elements to the budget, the devil is in the detail for families," Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader, said.

"It's cruel to pay for childcare changes by cutting payments to poorer single income families and cutting paid parental leave.

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Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters, appointed co-deputy of the Australian Greens

Larissa Waters 6 May 2015

"Senator Christine Milne is a wonderful inspiration, mentor and friend of mine," Senator Larissa Waters said.

"We have thrived under Senator Milne's admirable leadership, working together with a vision for a more caring society, a clean environment and a safe climate.

"I am proud to take on the role of co-deputy leader in partnership with my colleague Senator Scott Ludlam, under the leadership of Senator Richard Di Natale, who will be an outstanding leader.

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