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Greens pay tribute to Felicity Wishart

Larissa Waters 21 Jul 2015

Australian Greens Acting Leader Senator Larissa Waters expressed the Greens’ deep sympathies to the family of Felicity Wishart who passed away on Sunday night, and paid tribute to her legacy as one of Australia’s leading conservationists.

“Our planet has lost a great champion and we mourn for her,” said Senator Waters.

“Felicity Wishart was a leading light in the conservation movement. She was part of every key environmental reform in Queensland in the past 15 years, as coordinator of the Queensland Conservation Council in the 2000s.

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Abbott Government’s budget fails to provide a positive vision for Queensland

Larissa Waters 13 May 2015

The Abbott Government's budget is visionless and won't build a more caring society for Queensland or protect our state's environment and climate.

"Although there are some positive childcare elements to the budget, the devil is in the detail for families," Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader, said.

"It's cruel to pay for childcare changes by cutting payments to poorer single income families and cutting paid parental leave.

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Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters, appointed co-deputy of the Australian Greens

Larissa Waters 6 May 2015

"Senator Christine Milne is a wonderful inspiration, mentor and friend of mine," Senator Larissa Waters said.

"We have thrived under Senator Milne's admirable leadership, working together with a vision for a more caring society, a clean environment and a safe climate.

"I am proud to take on the role of co-deputy leader in partnership with my colleague Senator Scott Ludlam, under the leadership of Senator Richard Di Natale, who will be an outstanding leader.

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Don’t let the LNP turn our Sunshine State into the casino and coal state

Instead of Campbell Newman’s destructive coal and casino obsession, the Greens have a positive vision for Queensland’s economy.

“Queensland already has more casinos than any other state, but Campbell Newman is allowing another three, bringing the total to seven,” Australian Greens Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters, said.

“Casinos and coal mines are not an economic strategy - they are a recipe for more problem gambling and climate change. 

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Greens propose daylight saving trial and referendum

Larissa Waters 28 Jan 2015

The Greens say it is time for Queensland to have another trial of daylight saving and then let the public decide whether to adopt it permanently.

Charles Worringham, Queensland Greens lead spokesperson and candidate for Moggill, said it was now more than twenty years since Queensland last trialled daylight saving.

“It’s time to take daylight saving out of the too hard basket that the major parties have dumped it in,” Dr Worringham said.

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Newman says thanks but no thanks to community consultation

Larissa Waters 31 Jul 2014

The Newman Government’s 30-year plan, released today, ignores the results of the government’s own public consultation, supposedly used to develop the plan.

“In the consultation, Queenslanders overwhelmingly told the Newman Government not to sell off their assets and to protect the environment,” Australian Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters said.

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Here we Joh again

Larissa Waters 17 Apr 2014

The Australian Greens today condemned Premier Newman's plans to water down Queensland's Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) and abolish the requirement for bipartisan appointments as a return to the Joh days.

"Yesterday as NSW's ICAC claimed another scalp and the Victorian Government moved to strengthen their anti-corruption body, Queensland's Premier was taking us backwards with his proposals to weaken the CMC and introduce partisan appointments," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens spokesperson for Queensland, said.

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In Tony Abbott's world - Senator Larissa Waters' speech to the Brisbane March in March

Hi everyone, it’s so great to see so many of you here – give yourself a round of applause for having the heart, the guts and the determination to send a message to Tony Abbott. 

I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, the Turrbul and Jagera people, and their elders, past, present and future.

Of course, in Tony Abbott's world, traditional owners are all on income management, because he thinks they don't know how to manage their own money

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Greens leader launches Griffith candidate

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne today launched the Greens candidate for the Griffith by-election, Geoff Ebbs, saying the by-election would be a test of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's leadership and his secretive government.

"Despite his secretive government, Tony Abbott's true agenda of driving harsh budget cuts and environmental vandalism at the reef and in our forests has been exposed," Senator Milne said.

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