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The choice is simple – coal or the Reef?

The Australian Greens are calling for urgent climate action based on advice by Professor Terry Hughes, co-author of new research in Science on poor management of World Heritage areas, including the Great Barrier Reef.

"The Abbott and Palaszczuk governments need to take heed of this serious warning from one of the world's leading coral reef scientists," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

"Based on the science, the choice is simple - coal or the Reef?

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Greens’ Senate Inquiry investigating Queensland electricity prices in Brisbane today

The Greens-initiated Senate Inquiry into electricity prices held a public hearing in Brisbane today, gathering information to end systematic rorting of taxpayers and consumers by the electricity networks.

"Our Senate Inquiry is getting to the bottom of why Queenslanders have such astronomical electricity network charges - the highest in Australia," said Senator Christine Milne, leader of the Australian Greens, in Brisbane for the hearing today.

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Climate warning: PM Abbott leads Australia down a withering garden path

Greens leader Christine Milne says dire projections for Australia in the new CSIRO climate change report must be a wake-up call for the Abbott government and big business, which are harming people and missing huge economic opportunities by refusing to minimise global warming.

"If the natural world is in trouble, then so are we, and the Abbott government's climate denial and policy destruction has got us in serious trouble indeed," said Senator Milne.

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Greens pitch to Queensland: Newman & Abbott are the same bad deal on environment

Australian Greens leader Senator Christine Milne reinforced the connection between Campbell Newman and Tony Abbott in the eyes of the electorate, while in Brisbane today.   

“Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman have the same arrogant agenda that is anti-environment and makes life harder for everyday people,” Senator Milne said.

“Together they have inflicted more than 50 attacks on Queensland’s environment, including approving the world’s largest coal port in the Great Barrier Reef.

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Comments on Nature report showing 95% of Australia's coal must stay in the ground

On new research published by Nature showing stating 95% of Australia’s coal reserves are unburnable by 2050 if the world is to have a 50% chance of avoiding global warming in excess of 2 degrees Celsius. 

Senator Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said:

“The Abbott Government needs to do more than just add the word science to Ian Macfarlane’s portfolio, they need to take climate science seriously.

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Radioactive material in CSG shows need for public disclosure and for landholders to have right to say no

Following revelations that radioactive material is being used at CSG drilling sites in NSW and Qld, the Greens will move a motion in the federal Senate calling for disclosure of proposed use of radioactive materials in environmental impact statements.

“It’s utterly unacceptable that caesium-137, a radioactive isotope, was not even included in the CSG projects’ environmental impact statements,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said

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Abbott Government’s “coal is good” mantra ignores science, economics and health impacts

The Abbott Government is ignoring science, economic reality and global health impacts in its push to export coal through the Great Barrier Reef, as demonstrated in Question Time in the Senate today.          

Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, questioned Minister Cormann, who was representing the Minister for the Environment.

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PM Abbott’s ‘coal is good for humanity’ comment ludicrous and dangerous

Tony Abbott’s comment today, that ‘coal is good for humanity,’ while opening the Caval Ridge coalmine in Moranbah shows the Prime Minister is completely out of touch with the reality of the climate crisis we face.

“People will be shaking their heads in disbelief at the Prime Minister’s alarming comment today, and future generations will wonder how our Prime Minister could be so short sighted,” Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

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