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Newman went against Qld Treasury by trying to prop up Adani

The Abbott Government must rule out propping up Galilee Basin coal mines with the $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility, following revelations Queensland Treasury warned Adani's project was unviable before Campbell Newman announced public funding.  

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Qld Senator Larissa Waters, said:

"Right to information documents show Treasury warned Adani's Galilee Basin project was "unlikely to stack up" financially and that Adani was "susceptible to cost shocks" and "not particularly transparent".

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Greens leap on Liberals’ climate denial inquiry

The Australian Greens have ridiculed conservative Liberal MPs who are pushing for a House of Representatives Inquiry into whether “scientific evidence underpins the man-made global warming theory.”

If they still think the existence of human-caused global warming is up for debate, then maybe we should go right back to whether the earth is round or flat," said Greens Deputy Leader and climate change spokesperson, Senator Larissa Waters.

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Liberal and Labor parties gang up to gut Renewable Energy Target and burn native forests

The Liberal and Labor parties have ganged up to gut the Renewable Energy Target and allow native forest burning under that target in the Senate tonight.

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate change spokesperson, said the government had also done a deal with the anti-wind crossbenchers to attack the wind industry.

"Ganging up with Labor to slash the Renewable Energy Target and allow it to burn native forests just wasn't enough for Tony Abbott.

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Healthier climate means healthier people: Lancet

The Australian Greens have welcomed a report in The Lancet medical journal, which highlights the huge opportunity to improve public health through action on global warming.

"Cutting pollution won't just maintain the status quo - it will make our entire population more healthy, which means more productive and more prosperous," said Greens Leader Dr Richard Di Natale.

"People get overwhelmed by the climate change doomsday scenarios, but we need pay more attention to all the ways we can make life better if we do cut pollution.

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Abbott Government busted with hot air on wind

The Abbott Government denied its deal with the anti-wind crossbenchers to undermine renewable energy in Senate Question Time today, even though proof of the deal had been published by media.

"The government simply answered ‘no' when I asked whether it could confirm it had stitched up a deal with the crossbench to restrict wind farms," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate spokesperson, said.

"But a draft letter on Minister Hunt's letterhead had been published in the media about 15 minutes before proving there was in fact a deal being made.

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Abbott’s not-so-secret goal? To destroy renewables

Tony Abbott has admitted today that the intention of his deal with Labor to slash our Renewable Energy Target was not to give clean energy certainty but to destroy the industry.

"Tony Abbott has jeopardised any certainty that his deal with Labor was supposed to provide when he, quite literally, spelt out that his goal was to 'R-E-D-U-C-E' clean energy," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Acting Leader and climate spokesperson, said.

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