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You can't save the Reef while making the climate crisis worse

Lines attributable to Queensland Senator Larissa Waters:

“A belated cash splash on the Great Barrier Reef is a joke from a government that has turbo charged the climate crisis imperilling the Reef by giving billions to fossil fuels and backing new coal and gas. 
“Climate policy is the most important factor in saving the Reef and the government’s policy is crap.

“Under Scott Morrison’s leadership, Australia played a spoiler role at the climate summit in Glasgow, holding the entire world back from achieving the emissions reduction we need to slow global heating.

“This is a pathetic attempt to shore up Queensland regional seats but if this is to save tourism it’s too late. Cairns tourism operators needed JobKeeper for much longer.

“Everyone in Queensland knows Scott Morrison has been wrecking the reef for years. This cash splash is a distraction from his myriad failures on the climate crisis.

“We need to phase out coal by 2030, and the only chance we have at that is by kicking out this appalling government and putting the Greens in balance of power.”

Lines from Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, Greens spokesperson for Environment and Water:

“No matter how hard Scott Morrison wants to spin this, he can’t save the Reef while making climate change worse.

“Pollution from coal, oil and gas needs to be cut if the  Reef is to have any chance of survival.

“Our environment is in crisis and the Great Barrier Reef is at top of the list of casualties. We need genuine action not just lip service. Spending $1 billion of the reef over the next decade, while handing out over $220 million to open new gas wells in the Beetaloo Basin makes no sense!”

Lines from Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, Greens spokesperson for Healthy Oceans

“The science is simple: burning fossil fuels leads directly to warming oceans which are destroying coral reefs and other marine ecosystems.

"Giving a billion dollars to 'save the reef' while approving new coal mines and gas projects that are killing the reef is simply a sick joke.

“The Reef is on life support and Sussan Ley is offering a cup of herbal tea. She is doing nothing to address the root cause of the sickness and expects Australians and the international community to fall for this tragic deception."

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