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Whitehaven let off scot-free

Commenting on documents released today, in response to an Australian Greens' Senate order, which provide further evidence that Whitehaven Coal provided false and misleading information to get approval for a massive coal mine, Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Spokesperson for the environment, said:
"Whitehaven Coal should be prosecuted for providing the Government with false information in order to get approval for their environmentally disastrous mine at Maules Creek.

"Instead, they have been rewarded with a green-light to trash precious habitat and the Government's investigations have been dropped, all on the basis of an "independent" review bought by the coal company.

"What message is this Government sending the big end of town, when a company that has made a mockery of our national environmental protection laws are being let off scot-free?

"The Maules Creek approval is a complete farce and should never have been granted under our national environment law.

"Australians expect that the impacts of mega coal mines will be properly scrutinised but with the Government putting the big mining companies first, it's being left to the community to point out the flaws in this shameful excuse for environmental protection.

"The old parties need to stop ticking and flicking massive environmental damage for the big mining companies," Senator Waters said.

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