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UCG experiment with Queenslanders’ health, land and water must be stopped

Media Release
Larissa Waters 11 Aug 2015

The Queensland Government report that shows underground coal gasification has contaminated prime agricultural land near Chinchilla and reports of investigators becoming sick should spell the end of the industry.

"Governments are using Queensland communities and the prime agricultural land they farm as test bunnies," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader, said.

"It's time to end this toxic experiment with our land, water and people's health that is underground coal gasification and coal seam gas mining alike.

"I have a bill before the Senate that would ban fracking and give people the right to say no to coal, unconventional gas and underground coal gasification.

"It's hardly surprising that both the major parties have taken donations from Linc Energy.

"It's time that Labor and the Liberal National Party started putting Queenslanders ahead of big mining companies.

"We have safe renewable alternatives that don't cost our health, our farmland, our regional communities or our climate," Senator Waters said.

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