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Turnbull’s climate targets no match for looming ice sheet collapse

Media Release
Larissa Waters 15 Oct 2015

With new research showing the Antarctic ice sheets are dangerously close to collapse,  the Australian Greens are urging the Turnbull Government to dramatically increase its Abbott-era climate pollution targets.

"The world is at a crucial moment - Paris is critical to our survival," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens climate change spokesperson, said.

"The science clearly shows we must steeply reduce climate pollution within a decade to keep warming within 2 degrees, preventing metres of sea level rise that would continue for thousands of years.

"To save our Great Barrier Reef and our Pacific island neighbours' homes the science says we need to keep warming within 1.5 degrees.

"But the Turnbull-Abbott targets are half what the Climate Change Authority recommends to give a two-thirds chance of keeping warming within 2 degrees.

"Australia's targets are so bad that they could have a wrecking effect at the global talks in Paris by giving other countries an excuse to sit on their hands.

"We have a crucial window to protect our way of life and that of future generations and if we don't act now it could be too late," Senator Waters said.


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