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Treasurer’s threat to State’s on fracking is an outrage

Media Release
Larissa Waters 30 Jun 2017

Treasurer Scott Morrison’s move threatening State and Territories with financial penalties if they ban dangerous fracking is outrageous say the Australian Greens.

“This is the federal government trying to dictate via the back door to the States and Territories who having listened to their communities and the science have banned fracking”, says Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and resources spokesperson.

“The Turnbull government is in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry from whom they received million in donations.

“They’re simply doing the fossil fuel industry’s bidding by trying to underhandedly overturn fracking bans and moratoriums endorsed by the community.

“Fracking is a disaster for our farmland, groundwater, environment and climate, with dangerous methane pollution leaking from wells and pipes as ‘fugitive’ emissions.

“It’s time for Australia to join the global movement against fracking.  Bans or moratoriums are already in place in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Wales, Scotland, New York State in the USA and Quebec in Canada.”

“States and Territories like Victoria, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania have already responded to the community taken the first steps towards phasing out this dangerous industry, and we should support them.

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