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Tony Abbott's war on clean energy hits sickening new low

Media Release
Larissa Waters 12 Jul 2015

Australian Greens Deputy Leader Larissa Waters says Tony Abbott is proving himself an economic and environmental vandal with his escalating war on wind.

"Tony Abbott is systematically destroying every successful clean energy policy Australia has," said Senator Waters.

"He's made us the only country in the world to get rid of a price on pollution and the only country in the world to actually lower a renewable energy target.

"He's cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, and now he's putting ridiculous new limits on the hugely successful Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

"Tony Abbott has tried twice to completely shut down the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, but the Senate has said no both times - setting up a double dissolution trigger.

"The PM's clearly not keen to go to an election on his climate credentials, and now he's just digging himself in deeper.

"The CEFC has been turning a profit for taxpayers - raising money for the things we want, like quality healthcare and education. But the Prime Minister just doesn't know how to leave well enough alone.

"Farmers have been betrayed twice this week by the Liberal-National Coalition: first with the approval of the massive Shenhua Watermark coal mine, and now making the future less certain for farmers who want a stable income from hosting wind turbines.

"Cutting the Renewable Energy Target effectively shut the door to investment in large scale solar, and now with this directive to the CEFC, PM Abbott is shutting the door to investment in wind power, and all the jobs that depend on it.

"He's handcuffing us to the coal age - to polluting at home and overseas - and condemning Australians, our Pacific Island neighbours and people right across the world to worse health, a loss of species, damage to our natural environment and to our agricultural land and water.

"Tony Abbott is proving over and over again that he's governing for the big end of town and nobody else - protecting their profits at the expense of exciting new industries that are capable of transforming our economy," said Senator Waters.


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