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Thank you Bernie Fraser for putting up with climate-sceptic government for so long

Media Release
Larissa Waters 9 Sep 2015

The Australian Greens thank Bernie Fraser for his valuable contribution to saving our way of life and environment from global warming, as Chair of the Climate Change Authority, following his resignation last night.

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate change spokesperson, who will submit the below motion to the Senate today for a vote tomorrow, said:

"Mr Fraser has tolerated a government that has completely ignored the Climate Change Authority's evidence-based advice and even attempted to abolish the Authority.

"I congratulate Mr Fraser for his valuable contribution to the effort to protect Australians' way of life, both today and in future generations, from global warming.

"I call on the Abbott Government to appoint a new chair and board members, who understand climate science, so that the Board has quorate and can get on with its important work.

"If Tony Abbott dares to appoint climate sceptics to the board, this will once-again confirm what coal-loving dinosaur he is.

"The Government needs to start following the Climate Change Authority's advice.

"This means dropping its plan to keep Australia as the largest climate polluter per capita in the world with a post-2020 pollution target less than half of what the Climate Change Authority recommended," Senator Waters said.


Notice of Motion


Climate Change Authority          


I give notice that on the next day of sitting I shall move that the Senate -


  1. Notes with regret the resignation of Mr Bernie Fraser as Chair of the independent Climate Change Authority two years before the expiry of his five year term.
  2. Congratulates Mr Fraser on his outstanding service as chair of the board and his contribution to the work of the Authority. 
  3. Notes that the Authority now no longer has a quorum. 
  4. Calls on the federal government to:
    1. Immediately appoint a replacement chair to ensure that the board is able to function and allow the work of the Authority to proceed. 
    2. Abandon its plan to abolish the Authority
    3. Stop ignoring the Authority's advice on the need for ambitious pollution reduction targets to safeguard Australians' way of life from dangerous global warming. 


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