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Surge in koala deaths show need for stronger environment laws

Media Release
Larissa Waters 20 Aug 2012

The recent and steep decline of koalas across Australia show that our national environment laws need to be made stronger and not weaker as the federal government is planning, the Australian Greens said today.

“The Australian koala is unique, but despite only recently getting federal protection as a result of a Greens-instigated Senate Inquiry, our national laws are still not strong enough to save them from extinction,” Greens environment spokesperson, Senator Larissa Waters, said. “Now the ALP government and Tony Abbott’s Coalition are ganging up to water down these laws even further, putting the future of our precious koala, and other threatened species, at serious risk.

“The ALP and the Coalition are planning to palm off the federal government’s environment responsibilities to the states, including the protection of threatened species – so the only authority to protect the koala will be the same authority that profits from the development that’s killing them. “The koala will be only one casualty of this disastrous scheme to roll back environment protection – every endangered species and precious place we love in Australia is up for grabs.

“The Greens are the only party willing to stand up for our unique wildlife, our precious places, and the communities that want them protected across Australia.” The Greens are also planning to introduce a bill to better protect koalas before the Senate in the near future.

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