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Stifling community enforcement of environment law is an attack on democracy

Media Release
Larissa Waters 17 Aug 2015

The Attorney General's plan to limit public enforcement of environmental law is an attack on democracy and won't change that the Carmichael coal mine doesn't make economic sense.  

"The Abbott Government won't let anything get in the way of its coal obsession, not even the law," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens deputy leader and climate change spokesperson, said.

"It's so determined to put coal ahead of renewables, despite renewable technology bounding ahead and the coal price dwindling, that it wants to take away public rights to uphold environment law.

"When governments fail to enforce or comply with their own laws, it falls to community groups to hold them to account.

"Public enforcement of laws is a crucial tenet of our democracy.

"It's outrageous for the Attorney General to be proposing reducing community enforcement rights. As first law officer of the nation, he should be pushing to strengthen public enforcement to further uphold the law.

"The Carmichael mine should not go ahead on climate and environmental grounds but it could well be economic reality that stops it.

"The Abbott and Palaszczuk governments need to stop sacrificing our tourism and agricultural industries for the dying coal industry and instead embrace renewable alternatives with a strong transition plan for coal workers," Senator Waters said.



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