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Show me the ICAC money!

Media Release
Larissa Waters 18 Dec 2018

The Government has failed to budget for its Clayton’s Commonwealth Integrity Commission in MYEFO, proving the announcement was just smoke and mirrors, Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Larissa Waters said.

“The Morrison Government has no intention of actually seeing a CIC through to establishment and ending this rigged system any time soon,” Senator Waters said.

“They claim to have been working on a proposal for 12 months yet have failed to budget for it.

“If the PM was serious he’d have ensured that at least the measly amount mooted for this new body was included in yesterday’s half-yearly budget statement.

“Instead, the deceit of the Australian public continues. There’s no legislation, there’s a Government-appointed panel overseeing ‘consultation’, and at the heart of it, there’s a weak and underfunded proposal for a body that will do nothing to actually help clean up politics.

“The Government needs to show us the money or admit this issue is still well on the ‘fringe’ of its priorities.”

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