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Senator Waters on Treasurer Hockey’s comments on Brisbane radio today that the government is “working on” making Adani’s rail line to Abbot Point commercially viable:

Media Release
Larissa Waters 24 Aug 2015

"The Abbott Government has failed to rule out pouring taxpayer money into Adani’s unviable project, which no bank will touch, through the $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility.

“In their Budget papers, the Palaszczuk Government has flagged that they are considering seeking federal funding for the Galilee rail line on behalf of big coal barons.

“It’s economically and environmentally irresponsible for the Abbott Government, spurred on by the Palaszczuk Government, to pour Australians’ money into the dying coal industry, which threatens agriculture and tourism jobs.

“India’s Energy Minister says he wants to end coal imports within a decade and the rest of the world is embracing renewables, which is where the jobs and trade opportunities that will last are.

“Queenslanders kicked out Campbell Newman when he started offering up taxpayer money to pay Adani’s way, and the Abbott Government is set to make the same mistake, hand-in-hand with the Palaszczuk Government.

“Coal workers are losing their jobs because the coal price is in structural decline and both the state and federal governments are failing to provide alternatives.

“Queensland needs investment in the job-rich renewable energy industry, which doesn’t threaten agriculture and tourism jobs, with a transition plan for workers who are losing their jobs in the dying coal industry,” Senator Waters said.

Note: Queensland Budget Paper 3, page 15 states that the Queensland government is considering seeking funding under the  Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility

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