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Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, comments on the Abbott Government’s one-stop shop, which is not included in today’s repeal day bill, despite the government’s rhetoric

The Abbott Government is so desperate to please its big business buddies that it’s making out like there’s progress on the one-stop shop, when actually it’s dead.

“It’s utterly bizarre that the Abbott Government keeps talking about the one-stop shop today, when it’s not even included in its repeal day bill

“The Abbott Government knows that its enabling legislation for the one-stop shop is in the Senate and the Greens have secured the numbers to stop it.

“We have also secured the numbers to block the agreements with the state governments to hand over federal environment approval powers to them if these agreements reach the Senate.

“Obviously the Abbott Government is disappointed that it won’t be able to gut federal environment protection so that its big business and big mining buddies can do whatever they like without federal scrutiny.

“The government’s media release even borrows figures from the Minerals Council of Australia, which are blatantly wrong, without attributing them.  

“The mining lobby’s inflated figures assume federal environment approval powers add a one-year delay but the reality is that usually federal and state approvals happen simultaneously so there’s no delay.

“Where this isn’t  the case, under federal environment law, the federal approval must be decided within 20 to 40 business days and this can only be extended where the proponent hasn’t provided enough information.

“It’s appalling that the Abbott Government thinks a maximum of eight weeks, in only some cases, is too long for big business to wait for the sake of our most precious environmental assets, like World Heritage Areas and threatened species.

“If we didn’t have federal approval powers in the past there would be oil rigs on the Great Barrier Reef and the Franklin River would be dammed,” Senator Waters said.

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