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Senate Inquiry will rally voices against Abbott attacks on the environment

The Australian Greens’ proposal for a Senate Inquiry into Abbott’s attacks on the environment has passed the Senate today.

“Our Senate Inquiry is an opportunity for everyone who cares about our environment to have their say on the way our Prime Minister is taking an axe to it,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said

“Across the country environment groups and Environment Defenders Offices have had their long-standing federal funding completely abolished by the Abbott Government, on top of the Biodiversity Fund being cut.  

“Tony Abbott wants to hand federal environmental approval powers over to the very state governments who have threatened our national parks with logging, mining, grazing and shooting.

“Parents have watched in horror has the Prime Minister has hacked away at action to tackle climate change, sacrificing our children and grandchildren’s futures, for the private profits of the big polluters.

“Even our most iconic environmental assets, which are part of our national identity and provide sustainable jobs in tourism, are in jeopardy, with Tony Abbott threatening the World Heritage status of old-growth forests in Tasmania and the Great Barrier Reef.

“Australians love our environment, from our internationally renowned natural wonders to our local national parks, so Tony Abbott’s attacks affect us all.


“We’ll be getting in touch with as many people as possible and encouraging them to have their say in this inquiry so that the Senate can send a strong message to the Prime Minister – stop attacking our environment,” Senator Waters said.

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