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Radioactive material in CSG shows need for public disclosure and for landholders to have right to say no

Media Release
Larissa Waters 24 Nov 2014

Following revelations that radioactive material is being used at CSG drilling sites in NSW and Qld, the Greens will move a motion in the federal Senate calling for disclosure of proposed use of radioactive materials in environmental impact statements.

“It’s utterly unacceptable that caesium-137, a radioactive isotope, was not even included in the CSG projects’ environmental impact statements,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said

“The Greens will be moving a motion in the federal parliament this week calling for the proposed use of all radioactive materials at all stages of the CSG process to be disclosed in environmental impact statements.

“The latest revelations about  caesium-137 follow  Santos contaminating water in New South Wales with uranium and Origin threatening water supplies with asbestos in Queensland

“Australians don’t have a legal right to say no when it comes to the big gas companies mixing chemical cocktails in their backyards and that needs to change.

“The big gas companies are getting away with risking our health and environment with dangerous chemicals and even landholders don’t have the legal right to stop them.  

“Twice before the Greens have introduced a bill to the federal Parliament to give landholders the right to say no but both times the Nationals, Liberals and Labor have failed to support the bill.

“Now we’re giving the old parties a third chance, with our new bill to give landholders the right to say no, including farmers, local councils on council land and traditional owners with Native Title rights.

“The bill will also include a ban on fracking with all of its risks to groundwater, seismic stability and potentially human health.

“We have renewable alternatives that don’t threaten our health, land and water with hazardous chemicals or exacerbate climate change like CSG does by leaking methane,” Senator Waters said.

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