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Queenslanders won’t let Newman give away our public wealth to the big mining companies to destroy the Reef

At the state election, Queenslanders will not allow Campbell Newman’s plan, reported today, to sell off our public assets and give the proceeds to big mining companies to destroy our Great Barrier Reef and climate.  

“Campbell Newman wants to sell off Queenslanders’ public assets and give that money to mining magnates, like Clive Palmer, to prop up a dying industry that’s destroying our Reef and climate,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

“Not only is this environmentally disastrous, it’s economically insane, especially when you’re spending the state’s public wealth.

“There’s a reason nobody wants to invest in Galilee Basin coal, except the coal-obsessed Newman Government – it simply doesn’t stack up financially and it’s reputational suicide.

“How can Campbell Newman say he is ‘solid’ on the Reef’s protection and then turn around and announce hundreds of millions of dollars in hand outs to big mining companies to destroy the Reef?

“Queenslanders do not want their public assets sold off, especially to help mining millionaires to destroy our Great Barrier Reef.

“Our Reef provides 63 000 jobs and if we look after it, those jobs can grow into the future.

“Our public assets can also provide more and more decent, sustainable jobs in the future, if they’re not sold off to private interests only out to make their own profits.

“Whereas the coal industry, which can’t stand on its own feet, is highly mechanised and only provides one-off jobs, while destroying sustainable industries like tourism and agriculture.

“Queenslanders don’t want our economy to die out with the coal industry.

“At the next election, Queenslanders will not let our public wealth be given away to the big mining companies to destroy our Great Barrier Reef and our climate,” Senator Waters said.  

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