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Queensland not safe from uranium rush

Media Release
Larissa Waters 15 Nov 2011

Australian Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters said today that the Queensland Labor Government is set to be rolled on dangerous uranium exports, in the face of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s determination to sell uranium to nuclear-armed India.

“Queensland will not be immune from the short-sighted and dangerous greed to export uranium to India, which has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty,” Senator Waters said.

“The Queensland Government’s current ban on uranium mining is policy only, not law – at any time, the Government could reverse its stance and allow the mining industry to start digging up uranium without even going through Parliament.

“Queensland could easily be the next domino to fall in Labor’s shocking cave-in on uranium exports and nuclear safety.

“We cannot allow Queensland uranium  to be sold to India when it is involved in an arms race with Pakistan - this takes recklessness to an appalling new level.”

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