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Queensland gives away billions to the big mining companies while tourism and agriculture suffer the consequences

Media Release
Larissa Waters 24 Jun 2014

The Queensland Government subsidises the mining industry with billions of dollars more than any other state, according to a report by The Australia Institute out today.   

“Since 2008-09, the Queensland Government has given away $9.5 billion to the big mining companies, while that period Campbell Newman has sacked thousands of public servants claiming he didn’t have the money to keep them on,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens mining spokesperson, said.

“Those billions of dollars could have been invested in our schools and hospitals but instead they’ve been funnelled into coal and gas, at the expense of sustainable industries like tourism and agriculture.

“The tourism industry doesn’t get billions of dollars thrown its way and yet it will suffer the most from dredging, dumping and shipping in the Great Barrier Reef for the big mining companies.

“Farmers are left dealing with groundwater contamination and depletion, as well as land subsidence, from CSG, while the big mining companies are getting billions in Queensland Government handouts.

“If the Queensland Government instead put money into renewable energy, we could protect tourism and agriculture and create new jobs as a leader in renewable technology for the future,” Senator Waters said.  

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