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Queensland Election sees the 'Green Wave' continue

Media Release
Adam Bandt 1 Nov 2020

Leader of the Australian Greens, Adam Bandt MP, and Greens Senate Leader and Queensland Senator, Larissa Waters, have said the success of the Queensland Greens at last night’s election showed the increasing momentum for progressive change, following on from major gains in the ACT last month, putting the party in strong contention for further Senate and lower house seats at the next Federal election.

“The Green wave surges once more, with the Queensland Greens securing at least one more lower house seat, double digit swings and setting up a new base for progressives in Brisbane,” Mr Bandt said.

“This is an incredible victory for the Queensland Greens, and for every volunteer who spent countless hours fighting for a fairer Queensland. 

“The Greens have surged in the ACT and now in Queensland, showing that people are demanding the big corporations pay their fair share of tax to fund a green recovery, with action on the climate, jobs and inequality crises.

“Young people are seeing their futures sold off to bolster fossil fuel profits and they’re sick of seeing our mining companies shipping wealth offshore.

“The establishment parties are now on notice. 

“Amy MacMahon roared home to victory with a 9.4% swing, showing that voters will reward a party that genuinely believes in a transition away from dirty coal, oil, and gas towards a 100% renewable future.

“With many votes still to be counted in Cooper, there’s also a chance Amy MacMahon and Michael Berkman may have yet another colleague in parliament. 

“Katinka Winston-Allom earned a 10% increase in the Greens primary vote in Cooper, and Michael Berkman’s 14% increase in primary vote shows that when Greens win seats, we make for good local members.

“Looking at these numbers, you’d imagine that Brisbane-based establishment party Federal MPs are growing increasingly concerned about the rising Greens vote. They should be. This puts the Greens in a very strong position for the next federal election.

“This incredible campaign has cemented the Greens as the highly competitive third force in Queensland politics. There’s a large swathe of Brisbane electorates where we’re now polling in the high 20’s, setting up a good foundation for major gains at the next state and federal elections.

“Double digit swings to the Greens across a number of vital seats didn’t come easy. It came as the result of a massive people-powered campaign with thousands of volunteers and tens of thousands of doors knocked.

“These massive swings to the Greens, coupled with the complete collapse of One Nation, show that Queensland’s status as a so-called conservative heartland is utter crap. By advancing a strong, progressive agenda, the Greens have now overtaken One Nation as the third force in Queensland politics.


Quotes attributable to Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters:

“The Queensland Greens ran the biggest statewide campaign we have ever run, we were deluged with new volunteers to support our brilliant candidates and our platform gave people hope for a democracy that works for ordinary Queenslanders not corporate donors," Senator Waters said.

“We have doubled our numbers and we are in a strong position to win a second Senate seat and at least one federal lower house seat at the next federal election.

“People want jobs, fully funded schools and hospitals, and a strong manufacturing industry powered by 100% publicly owned renewables, not secret deals to increase the profits of huge international mining companies. 

“This was a campaign defined by a simple premise - that the mining companies making super-profits off Queensland’s mineral resources should pay a bit more to ensure that people have fully funded essential services.

“People aren’t feeling heard by the major parties. For years, they’ve been asking for change and haven’t been getting it. Now, they’ve voting with their feet.”

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