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Queensland’s shark program needs urgent review to end marine wildlife deaths

Media Release
Larissa Waters 16 Jul 2015

Following the release of graphic footage by Sea Shepherd of marine wildlife entangled in shark nets and caught on drumlines, the Australian Greens say that Queensland’s system of shark nets and drum lines must be urgently reviewed.

 “We’re calling on the Queensland Government to swiftly end this indiscriminate torture of protected wildlife," said Greens Senator for Queensland, Deputy Leader Larissa Waters.

“There is no evidence that drum-lines work to deter sharks or protect swimmers - actually we’ve seen that distressed animals caught on drumlines can attract predators.

 “The Queensland Government should urgently explore the effective, ecologically sensitive alternatives to nets and drumlines, which protect swimmers without being by-catch killing fields for our iconic marine wildlife.

 "Eco-shark barriers have been successfully trialled in WA, while volunteer shark spotter programs have proven effective in South Africa.

 "Given the use of stinger netting in Northern Queensland summertime, the additional use of drumlines in stinger season is overkill in every sense of the word, and is an unnecessary waste of taxpayers’ money.

 “As a first step, the Queensland Government should immediately commit to removing drumlines from Northern Queensland in summer,” said Senator Waters.

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