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Qld Government tries to continue on with 50 year old Great Barrier Reef shark control program unchanged

Media Release
Larissa Waters 4 Nov 2015

The Greens are urging the Palaszczuk Government to update its Great Barrier Reef shark control program, which is now open for public consultation, with non-lethal methods.

Qld Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and environment spokesperson, said:

"The Palaszczuk Government is trying to continue on without changes to this 53 year old program, which has killed 85 000 marine animals, including sharks, turtles and dolphins.

"In New South Wales and Western Australia, state governments are investigating and trialling non-lethal methods, such as barriers, sonars and aerial patrols.

"But the Palaszczuk Government is proposing to continue on with lethal methods, including drum lines, despite no evidence that drum lines deter sharks.

"Queenslanders love our beaches and our marine life and we can keep both safe by using new, more effective technologies.

"I urge Queenslanders to have their say during the consultation period and I hope the Palaszczuk Government will update this out-dated program, which must be modernised to protect both swimmers and our marine life," Senator Waters said.


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