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Protecting our Farmland and Water

The environmental impacts of mega coal mines, and the rapid and destructive expansion of the coal seam gas (CSG) industry, particularly in New South Wales and Queensland, demonstrates what happens when governments privilege resource corporations over local communities and our long term future.

The old parties just won't listen to the community's repeated, impassioned pleas to stop sacrificing our land, water and climate for the sake of the big mining companies. Only the Greens are standing with the community, as the only major party here today, listening to the science and saying no new CSG or coal.

The National Water Commission, CSIRO and the government's own expert panel are all warning of the impacts of coal seam gas on our groundwater.

And the climate science couldn't be clearer - if we keep expanding coal and leaking methane from coal seam gas wells, we'll see more and more of the extreme weather events that we're all too familiar with here in Queensland.

The Greens are fighting for:

  • no new coal or CSG approvals;
  • the right for farmers and other landholders to say no to coal and coal seam gas mining on their land;
  • no new coal or gas ports along the Great Barrier Reef;
  • protection of our precious water resources including the Murray-Darling and Great Artesian Basins from overuse or contamination by coal and CSG mining
  • independent measurement of methane emissions from CSG so we can understand how polluting CSG realy is; and
  • stronger environmental laws to better protect our natural environment.

We have safe renewable alternatives that won't devastate our agricultural industry, regional communities and climate.

In an age of food insecurity and at the end of the fossil fuel industry, only the Greens are looking ahead for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Read our plan here.


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