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Pokie con-job lawsuit implicates every poker machine in Queensland

Media Release
Larissa Waters 26 Oct 2016

The Australian Greens today welcomed the lawsuit from the Alliance for Gambling Reform lodged in Melbourne today and called for a halt to the Palaszczuk government’s casino obsession.  The expanded scope of the lawsuit for misleading and deceptive conduct puts every single poker machine in Queensland under suspicion.

“The newly announced element of this historic court case brings in every single poker machine in Queensland, because industry and government constantly use the dodgy ‘return to player’ claim.

“It’s a myth that every player will win back 85% of their stake.  The reality is that ordinary players lose money hand over fist. 

“We’re glad to see ordinary Australians taking on big gambling companies and complicit State governments over pokie con-jobs.

“This lawsuit will lift the veil of secrecy and deception that pokie manufacturers use to exploit customers while they rake in profits at the expense of the community”

“The Palaszczuk Government has a love affair with casinos – Queensland already has more casinos than any other State and Labor are forcing new casinos on our communities. 

“Casinos don’t build communities, it’s high time governments stopped using ordinary Queenslanders as a cash cow. 

“The PokieLeaks campaign, which I launched along with Senator Nick Xenophon and Andrew Wilkie MP, is an opportunity for those with inside information on rigged poker machines, illegal industry practices and dodgy donations to political parties to leak directly to me under the protection of Parliamentary privilege.

“Until we get big money out of politics in Australia, the old parties will continue to serve their paymasters in the gambling lobby, and Australians will keep getting ripped off.

“If you have information about dishonest or illegal behaviour in the pokies industry that can help us hold them to account in Parliament, we can protect your identity.

Background: In addition to “con jobs” in machine design specifically in relation to Crown Casino and Aristocrat-manufactured machines, they are broadening the scope of their litigation to include industry claims about the amount of money machines return to players (“return to player” ratio).  This is significant because it would affect every pokie machine in Australia, not just Aristocrat machines or Crown Casino machines. 


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