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PM Abbott’s war on renewables hurts low-income families, retirees

Media Release
Larissa Waters 13 Jul 2015

The Abbott government's decision to stop the Clean Energy Finance Corporation investing in rooftop solar will hurt Australians who are trying to make ends meet, said Greens Deputy Leader Larissa Waters.

"Tony Abbott is making life harder for everyday Australians, suffocating innovative new businesses, and handcuffing this country to the coal age," Senator Waters said.

"The CEFC helps rooftop solar companies offer free installation of solar panels, which means retirees and low-income families can start saving immediately. Well, not anymore.

"Ending CEFC support for rooftop solar will put clean, cheap energy out of reach for the households that need it most.

"This Prime Minister is so focused on protecting the profits of his mates in the coal business, he hasn't realised he's hurting the people he often relies on for votes.

"Greg Hunt is wrong to say that large-scale solar will benefit. The recent Liberal-Labor cut to the Renewable Energy Target cut confidence too deeply.

"This new mandate on the CEFC just reinforces the government's message that renewable investments aren't welcome in Australia.

"Attacking renewable energy from every angle is isolating Australia internationally, and hurting our economy, people and the environment," said Senator Waters.


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