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Palaszczuk Government pushes ahead with destroying Reef on behalf of Adani

The draft environmental impact statement on the Abbot Point coal port for the Adani Carmichael mine includes alarming environmental impacts and shows there is no difference between the Abbott and Palaszczuk governments on coal.

"The Palaszczuk Government is pushing ahead with one of the world's largest coal ports in the Great Barrier Reef for coal mines that probably won't go ahead," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

"After campaigning at the state election on the Great Barrier Reef, now the Palaszczuk Government is going to go ahead and dredge the Reef for a mining company whose mine doesn't have any finance.

"Adani can't get finance for its mine let alone its port so the Palaszczuk Government has stepped in as the port proponent to bankroll the project, without any guarantee of getting taxpayers' money back.

"The EIS also reveals that the State-owned North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation will carry out the dredging and construction on behalf of Adani.

"The EIS shows plans to dredge 1.1 million cubic metres of the Reef floor which will mobilise about 10,000 tonnes of fine sediment, smothering seagrass habitat for dugongs and turtles. 

"There's no difference between the Palaszczuk and Abbott governments when it comes to putting coal ahead of the Great Barrier Reef, tourism, agriculture and the climate.  

"Instead of propping up the dying coal industry and destroying tourism and agriculture jobs, we need a transition plan for coal workers who are losing their jobs to the clean energy sector, where the jobs will last," Senator Waters said.  


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