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Our health and environment are too important to risk with CSG asbestos and uranium

Media Release
Larissa Waters 14 Mar 2014

The Australian Greens have called for an end to coal seam and unconventional gas mining following reports today about asbestos contamination at Queensland CSG drill sites, after last week’s revelations about uranium contamination in New South Wales from CSG.

“When you have uranium and now asbestos potentially contaminating drinking water, this has got to be game over for the CSG industry,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens mining spokesperson, said.

“Coal seam and unconventional gas fracking is one big gamble with our water, health, food security, climate and communities – and the only benefits are to the profits of foreign-owned companies.

“Drilling fluids have been found previously in aquifers – showing that there is a real risk the asbestos in Origin’s drilling fluids could have contaminated groundwater.

“Enough is enough – our health, food security and environment are too important to risk with asbestos, uranium and other contaminants.

“There must now be a halt on all coal seam gas and unconventional gas mining in Australia.

“Even though the Abbott and Newman governments are in bed with the big mining companies, surely even they must realise that when it comes to uranium and asbestos we need to put our health first.

“We need to put an end to this risky industry and transition to the renewable energy alternatives that won’t cost our land, water, climate and communities,” Senator Waters said.  


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