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One Nation are conspiracy-peddling knuckle-draggers

Media Release
Larissa Waters 12 Jan 2017

The revelations about the outrageous conspiracy theories held by the One Nation candidate for the Queensland state seat of Mulgrave are shocking but not surprising say the Australian Greens.

“One Nation have nothing to say about fixing the desperately high youth unemployment rate in the Far North, nor the need for protecting the Reef for the sake of the local economy,” said Senator for Queensland and Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens Larissa Waters.

“One Nation are conspiracy-peddling knuckle-draggers who offer no solutions, and then vote with the Liberals to favour the big end of town and shaft ordinary Queenslanders.

“The suggestion by One Nation’s Mulgrave candidate that Port Arthur was staged is an insult to all Australians who still are horrified by the worst gun massacre in our history.

“Regional Queensland is doing it tough and what Queenslanders need are long term sustainable solutions, not bizarre and racist conspiracy theories.

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