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Old parties back coal seam gas over farmers

The Greens motion for a moratorium on coal seam gas until its long-term impacts are better understood was roundly defeated as the old parties caved in to powerful multi-national interests in the Senate today.

Greens mining spokesperson, Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, said the Australian public have a right to feel betrayed by the National, Liberal and Labor senators who continue to ignore their concerns in favour of short-term profits that will mostly flow offshore.

“Labor and Liberals have joined the Nationals to sell out the bush,” Senator Waters said.

“As the old parties were turning a blind eye to community concerns about this risky industry in voting down my motion, yet another dangerous leaking coal seam gas well was being investigated by Queensland authorities.

“How many more leaking pipes, wells and polluted aquifers will it take before the Government and Opposition start listening to the Australian public?

“It’s time they unblock their ears and take the dollar signs out of their eyes, and put a moratorium on coal seam gas until we can be sure we’re not jeopardising our food security and the future of our rural communities.”

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