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Obama’s climate action leaves Abbott isolated

Media Release
Larissa Waters 4 Aug 2015

President Obama's clean energy plan must serve as an urgent wake up call to Prime Minister Abbott.

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate spokesperson, said:

"Why is Tony Abbott so ready to follow the US blindly into a war with no clear plan but when it comes to climate action to save our very way of life he runs a mile?"

"While President Obama is shutting down polluting coal, Tony Abbott is still obsessed with propping up the dying coal industry to please his donor mates.

"The Prime Minister has made us the only country in the world to have scrapped a price on climate pollution and slashed our renewable energy target.

"Tony Abbott's climate denialism is to blame for Australia missing out on the renewable energy opportunities in employment and trade that other countries are rapidly embracing.  

"The Abbott Government needs to change tack and join the global momentum ahead of the Paris talks by urgently releasing credible, science-based post-2020 targets.

"Abbott's rumoured pathetic targets rely on setting dodgy base levels, are less than half Obama's plan, and ignore the Climate Change Authority's recommendation for a 40-60% reduction by 2030 on 2000 levels.

 "Australia is an international laughing stock on climate, and we can no longer afford the climate denialism of Prime Minister Abbott," Senator Waters said.

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