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NSW CSG protection a win for community campaigners

Media Release
Larissa Waters 3 Oct 2013

The Australian Greens today congratulated the community campaign against coal seam gas that has delivered CSG exclusion zones for towns in New South Wales.

“This is a win for some of the passionate communities of New South Wales who have locked the gate to the big mining companies threatening to ruin their land, water and livelihoods with coal seam gas,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens mining spokesperson, said.

“However, if the New South Wales Government accepts that CSG is too dangerous for urban areas, they need to accept it’s too dangerous for rural communities and prime agricultural land.

“You can’t just protect some communities from CSG and not others.

“Federally, the Abbott Government needs to start listening to the community and the science on coal seam gas, instead of bullying the states into removing what little safeguards they have against this risky industry.

“At the end of the fossil fuel era, it’s short-sighted and reckless to be sacrificing our land, water and climate, when we have safe, renewable alternatives,” Senator Waters said.


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