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NSW Chief Scientist acknowledges CSG impacts uncertain

The Australian Greens are alarmed the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer has not recommended a moratorium on coal seam gas mining, despite acknowledging we don't have all the facts on health and environment impacts.

"We need to apply the precautionary principle when it comes to impacts on our land and water, especially in an age of food insecurity," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens mining spokesperson, said.

"The National Water Commission has warned that potential impacts of coal seam gas on water are significant and uncertain.

"Despite acknowledging that concerns over health and environmental impacts are unanswered, the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer has failed to recommend we follow the precautionary principle.

"Unless the NSW Government presses pause until the full extent of CSG impacts is understood, they will be treating NSW's land, water and communities like guinea pigs.

"The Greens are standing with the community in calling for no new coal seam gas and a transition to safe renewable alternatives.

"At the end of the fossil fuel era and in an age of food insecurity, pursuing this high-risk, methane-emitting industry is a backward step," Senator Waters said.

For more information about our work protecting land, water, climate and communities from coal seam gas, visit our campaign page.

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