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Newman went against Qld Treasury by trying to prop up Adani

The Abbott Government must rule out propping up Galilee Basin coal mines with the $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility, following revelations Queensland Treasury warned Adani's project was unviable before Campbell Newman announced public funding.  

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Qld Senator Larissa Waters, said:

"Right to information documents show Treasury warned Adani's Galilee Basin project was "unlikely to stack up" financially and that Adani was "susceptible to cost shocks" and "not particularly transparent".

"The revelations confirm digging up the Galilee Basin would be as disastrous for investors as it would be for the Reef and the climate.                                                                                                                               "The only person foolish enough to invest in this white elephant has been Campbell Newman, using Queenslanders' money against the advice of his Treasury.

"Now Labor are treading the same path by using taxpayer money to dredge the Reef for the same unviable project, despite campaigning on 'saving the Reef' to win the election.

"The Palaszczuk Government must wake up to the fact that the age coal is over and start creating modern jobs with a plan for a transition to clean energy.

"Queenslanders were furious with Campbell Newman for trying to squander funding that could have gone to education and health on the dying coal industry and they booted him out at the election.

"The same will happen to Tony Abbott if he follows in Campbell Newman's footsteps by giving handouts to big mining companies to dig up the Galilee through the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility.

"Greens questioning in Senate Estimates revealed that Infrastructure Australia, the government's independent expert advisers, only found out about the $5 billion slush fund on Budget night, when it was announced publicly.

"This slush fund seems more and more like another disastrous 'captain's call'. 

"The big mining companies have a hold over the old parties and they're holding Queensland back from becoming a national leader in the job-rich clean energy industry," Senator Waters said.

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