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Newman has already splashed $2 billion of Queensland taxpayers’ money on Abbot Point

A new report out today by The Australia Institute shows that the Newman Government has already spent almost $2 billion of Queensland taxpayers’ money on the existing Abbot Point coal port.

“The Newman Government has already taken almost $2 billion that could have gone to public transport, schools and hospitals and used it to prop up the coal industry,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

“Now Campbell Newman wants to flog off our public assets to give big mining companies “hundreds of millions” more in handouts to dig up the Galilee Basin.

“The economic reality is clear – demand for coal is so low that the Galilee Basin coal mines are unviable, as well as disastrous for our Great Barrier Reef and climate. 

“Everyone from big banks to investment analysts to the Federal Treasury agrees that coal exports are on the way out.

“But Campbell Newman is so determined to turn the Reef into a shipping super highway for fossil fuels that he is using taxpayer money to bail out this dying industry.

“We have viable, renewable alternatives that can provide sustainable jobs, rather than the mass sackings we’ve seen from the coal industry in Queensland lately.

“But Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman are undermining the renewable sector while splashing around billions of dollars of taxpayer money for the fossil fuel industry.

“Queenslanders will not let these climate-denying dinosaurs get away with using our taxpayer dollars as handouts for mining magnates,” Senator Waters said.

Read the full report here:

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