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Newman Government cooks planet and ruins Reef for overseas mining profits

Media Release
Larissa Waters 8 May 2014

Adani's Carmichael mega coal mine, just approved by the Queensland Government, should be refused by federal Minister Hunt for climate, environmental and economic reasons, say the Australian Greens.

"Coal in the Galilee Basin must stay in the ground if we are to deliver a safe climate and a sustainable economy to our grandchildren, rather than just make Campbell Newman's mining mates richer," Australian Greens' mining spokesperson, Senator Larissa Waters, said.

"Carmichael coal mine would be Australia's largest coal mine and amongst the largest in the world, producing 60 million tonnes of thermal coal every year for ninety years to cook the planet.

"This mega mine would significantly increase Australia's contribution to global warming for the sake of profits for Indian-owned Adani, which is in financial dire straits and which has already faced complaints about breaches of environmental laws in its home country.

"The Coordinator-General's 190 conditions can't mitigate the climate disaster this project would be, nor can there be any confidence those conditions will be enforced when 220 workers from the Environment Department have already been slashed by the Newman Government.

"It's sheer madness for the Abbott and Newman governments to be forging ahead with approvals for mega coal mines, not only for climate and environmental reasons, but also given the global freefall in coal demand and price that risks leaving us with great big holes in the landscape as miners abandon ship.

"It's equally short sighted to be approving associated ports and railway lines that the industry may not even end up using, as these global trends could make its operations unviable.

"The masses of coal produced would be exported through the Great Barrier Reef, treating the Reef like a shipping super highway for the big miners.

"Unfortunately, the Newman Government is stuck in the past and are carelessly approving fossil fuel exports, instead of transitioning to the clean energy technology the rest of the world is already embracing," Senator Waters said.


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