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Newman Government’s uranium push threatens economy, health, environment and ultimately the Great Barrier Reef

Media Release
Larissa Waters 1 Aug 2014

The Newman Government’s new framework for uranium mining makes no economic or environmental sense and threatens the health of Queenslanders.

“The uranium price has been in free fall since 2007 and governments around the world are shutting down nuclear power stations,” Australian Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters said.

"As well as making no economic sense, uranium mining is bad for the health of mine workers, as well as residents near mines and on uranium transport routes.

“Uranium mining also threatens farms, groundwater, soil and local wildlife, especially as environmental standards for mining in Queensland are chronically under-enforced, as found by the state’s Auditor General this year.  

 “Although the framework currently says the toxic cargo will be transported all the way from Queensland to Darwin or South Australia, how long will it be until the big mining companies start pushing for export through the Great Barrier Reef?

“Sadly Queenslanders know all too well that whatever the big mining companies want, they’ll get it from the Newman Government.

“This framework is the Newman Government’s first step toward allowing uranium export through the Great Barrier Reef – a radioactive disaster waiting to happen.

 “The Newman Government’s own public consultation for the Queensland Plan showed overwhelming support for renewable energy.

“Why is Campbell Newman blocking his ears to Queenslanders?

“Instead of giving Queenslanders the safe, renewable alternatives we’re asking for, the Premier is threatening our health, economy and environment with a dangerous industry that’s on its way out,” Senator Waters said. 

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