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Newman gives mining magnates free rein over Queensland’s precious water

The Newman Government’s legislation, expected to pass today, letting big mining companies use up billions of litres of water without a licence rips off Queenslanders and the environment.

“The Newman Government is letting the big mining companies take all the water they want, regardless of the needs of farmers or the need for environmental flows in the Reef catchment,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

“The changes to the law, expected to pass the Queensland Parliament today, mean decisions about water use no longer need to be “ecologically sustainable”, showing the Newman Government’s complete disregard for the environment and downstream water users and industries.

“Not only is Campbell Newman flogging off our public assets to give mining magnates handouts to dig up coal in the Galilee Basin but they’re also giving away our precious water to the big mining companies.

“The big mining companies won’t even need a licence to suck up the billions of litres of water in the Galilee Basin that they’ll put toward exporting hundreds of mega tonnes of coal to cook the planet and destroy the Great Barrier Reef.

“This all comes after the Newman Government changed the rules so that nobody, not even landholders, will be able to challenge ‘coordinated projects’ – the biggest mining projects in the state – through the Land Court.

“The Newman Government is using its short time left in power to steamroll over Queenslanders and give the big mining companies even more of a free ride,” Senator Waters said.

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