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Minister Lynham wants to make himself the judge, jury and executioner of Land Court cases

The Palaszczuk Government's reported plans to give the Minister more power to influence the outcomes of mining disputes in the Land Court and stifle community rights to uphold environment law are an attack on democracy.  

Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and environment spokesperson, said:

"Minister Lynham already has the final say on mining applications and Queensland's Land Court can only make a recommendation to the Minister.  But even this doesn't seem to be enough. 

"Minister Lynham seems to be seeking even more power to make absolutely sure that the Labor Party's big mining donors get their way regardless of the impact.

"It's alarming to see the state Labor government following the federal Liberal government in trying to limit the community's rights to enforce environment law.

"The Palasczcuk and Turnbull governments are ganging up to silence farmers, communities and everyone who cares about the environment, Great Barrier Reef, groundwater, land, and climate.

"Instead of bowing to their fossil fuel donors, our state and federal governments should be working on a transition plan for coal workers to Queensland's job-rich clean energy future.

"Queenslanders understand the economic reality that while coal has traditionally played a strong role in our past, it can't continue forever.

"Yet the major parties are propping up the dying coal industry and trying to re-write the rules to put big  mining companies above the law and to silence community members.  

"Our Great Barrier Reef, farmland and groundwater need strong legal protection so that our sustainable tourism and agriculture industries can provide jobs for generations to come," Senator Waters said.



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