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Mining and Resource Minister aids and abets CSG climate criminals

Media Release
Larissa Waters 7 Nov 2016

The Australian Greens condemned the Queensland government’s ‘Gas Supply and Demand Action Plan’ as simply a plan to remove the barriers safeguarding Queenslanders against more fracking. The discussion paper released today by Natural Resources and Mines Minister Dr Anthony Lynham is a thinly veiled attempt to court the unconventional gas industry.

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and resources spokesperson said:

“This so-called discussion paper is just a plan for more fracking.   

“Fracked gas is a disaster for our climate, and the CSG industry drastically underestimates dangerous methane pollution from ‘fugitive’ emissions.

“The state Labor government is aiding and abetting these climate criminals, and ignoring the plight of Queensland farmers.

“Labor must stop repeating the dangerous lie pushed by the gas industry that fracked gas is essential in our transition to renewable energy sources.

“We have energy alternatives which don’t threaten our climate, health, land, and water and that is where attention of the state Labor government should be focused,” Senator Waters said. 

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