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Michael Roche should be sacked over inappropriate comments about George Bender’s death

Media Release
Larissa Waters 27 Oct 2015

The Australian Greens are calling for Queensland Resources Council CEO Michael Roche to be sacked, following his inappropriate and insensitive statements about George Bender's death today.

Qld Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens mining spokesperson, said:

"George Bender's daughter, Helen, has pledged to carry on her father's fight to protect farmland from CSG, yet Michael Roche has taken it upon himself to disparage the movement that George inspired.

"Helen has said her father was the first campaigner and the Bender family is clearly very proud of George's efforts to protect his land and water.

"Now Mr Roche is disparaging campaigners and claiming that George Bender's death has been 'hijacked'.

"Instead of insulting the cause George Bender worked so hard for, Mr Roche should be urgently working to reform the way big mining companies treat landholders.

"Mr Roche's statement states, "there has never been any gas infrastructure on George Bender's properties" but fails to mention George had fought for ten years to keep gas companies off his land, or that his bores had dropped because of the impact of CSG mining in neighbouring properties.

"George Bender and surrounding landholders had been told not to dig on their property to avoid mobilising contaminants from the Linc Energy underground coal gasification project.

"Michael Roche should be fired over his disrespectful comments and his failure to immediately commit to mining companies respecting the wishes of landholders," Senator Waters said.


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